Kyoto Travel Blog

goKonrad's Kyoto travel blog (Japan) I hope you enjoyed my Kyoto travel blog album!  For more travel photos, follow me on Instagram or sign up for my free weekly digest about ways to travel the world, build a successful business or career, and make a difference at the same time: Kyoto travel blog (Japan)

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Tokyo Travel Blog

goKonrad's Tokyo travel blog (Japan) Tokyo may just be an impossible city to describe. The fascinating, yet confusing, city is minimalist and extravagant, futuristic and ancient, artisan and flashy, and on the move while taking it slow. The Japanese respect tradition and artisanship, but they will still beat you to the newest gadget. This sophisticated, polite, [...]

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Luang Prabang Travel Blog: Markets, Monks, & Motorbikes

goKonrad's Luang Prabang travel blog Luang Prabang is a special place. It is as untouched as a place can be these days. Along the infamous Mekong River, scenes of fisherman in old wooden boats, monks in orange robes walking in and out of Buddhist temples, a lush and green landscape, and a friendly and fun-spirited charm [...]

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Yangon Travel Blog

goKonrad's Yangon travel blog (Myanmar - Burma) Myanmar is not the only country with a history of military dictatorship, civil war, and oppression, but it is perhaps the only one where its citizens have remained so friendly, welcoming, and fun-spirited. You will find the country’s dark history inconceivable when you sit outside on Yangon’s 19th Street [...]

Seoul Travel Blog

goKonrad's Seoul travel blog (South Korea) If you are traveling throughout Asia, check out some of my other travel blog posts in the region: Hanoi, Saigon, Luang Prabang, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Kyoto, Ubud-Bali, Yangon, Taipei, Almaty, Bishkek, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, the Maldives, and more. I hope you enjoyed my Seoul travel blog album!  For more travel photos, follow [...]

Bishkek Travel Blog

goKonrad's Bishkek travel blog (Kyrgyzstan) I doubt Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan is high on your travel wish list, but I'm committed to go everywhere and I had a great time in this Central Asian capital city. People are friendly, the main market is massive and full of life, there is a booming nightlife scene, the mountains on the [...]

Almaty Travel Blog

goKonrad's Almaty travel blog (Kazakhstan) I never describe a culture by the "family oriented" cliche because frankly I have not yet found a culture that wasn't family oriented. However, I will say that I have never seen as many kids and large families playing together in public parks as in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Parks are everywhere here [...]

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Beijing Travel Blog

goKonrad's Beijing travel blog For a major international city, Beijing remains refreshingly authentic, unique, and friendly. The food is as delicious as it is diverse. The city is brilliantly complex and contradictory on every corner. Chinese writer, Lao She, said it well: “filthy, beautiful, decadent, bustling, chaotic, idle, lovable.” I could stay here for years and [...]