• Addis Ababa Travel Blog

Addis Ababa Travel Blog: Gateway to a Mythical & Ancient World

goKonrad's Addis Ababa travel blog (Ethiopia) Sitting at the helm of one of the world's fastest growing economies, Africa's diplomatic capital and fourth largest city will confound all expectations. This urban center serves as the gateway to Ethiopia's mythical and ancient world and continues to earn its reputation for friendly people, delicious food, and the world's [...]

Namibia Travel Blog: A Remote Road Trip

goKonrad's Namibia travel blog Namibia is home to the oldest desert and is the 2nd least densely populated country in the world. From the storied Skeleton Coast to its pristine sand dunes, this country offers one of the most remote and breathtaking road trips you can take. If you are traveling throughout Africa, check out some [...]

Kigali Travel Blog: A Dark Past With A Bright Future

goKonrad's Kigali travel blog (Rwanda) When you mention Rwanda, most people immediately recall the horrific genocide that occurred in 1994 where the Hutu majority brutally massacred an estimated 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus in the span of just three months. When you mention that you are traveling there, people think you are crazy. How can [...]

Kampala Travel Blog: A City Choosing Optimism

goKonrad's Kampala travel blog (Uganda) There was an optimistic buzz in Kampala unlike I have seen in many countries. I spent time with some exciting entrepreneurial incubators – organizations such as FinAfrica and Mara Launchpad that support and fund start-ups, and the Grameen Foundation’s mobile app lab, which builds smart phone applications that address critical healthcare, [...]

Dar es Salaam Travel Blog

goKonrad's Dar es Salaam travel blog (Tanzania) Dar es Salaam travel blog coming soon! If you are traveling throughout Africa, check out some of my other travel blog posts: Somaliland, Addis Ababa, Maputo, Cape Town, Nairobi, Kigali, Kampala, and more. I hope you enjoyed my Dar es Salaam travel blog album!  For more travel photos, follow me on Instagram or sign up for [...]

Nairobi Travel Blog: Nairobbery or Silicon Savannah?

goKonrad's Nairobi travel blog (Kenya) While Nairobi remains one of the more dangerous cities in Africa, hailing the nickname “Nairobbery”, it has also become the technology and business hub for East Africa and is often referred to by its other nickname, “Silicon Savannah.” This should help catapult Kenya further onto the world stage and as a leader [...]

  • Maputo Travel Blog

Maputo Travel Blog: The Center of One of Africa’s last frontiers

goKonrad's Maputo travel blog (Mozambique) Mozambique is one of Africa’s last frontiers. While it can be difficult and time consuming to make your way up the 1,500 miles of coastline, it is well worth it if one has the patience and the perseverance to travel through this long and undeveloped country. I started in Maputo, the [...]

  • Somaliland Travel Blog

Somaliland Travel Blog: Journeys of Independence in Somalia

goKonrad's Somaliland travel blog (Somalia) Welcome to Somaliland, the self-proclaimed independent, yet internationally unrecognized region of Somalia. To the outside world, the region is considered part of the non-functioning state most known for its pirates, terrorists, kidnappers, bandits, clashing rival clans, and beloved I’m-the-captain-of-this-boat-now movie lines. While most of Somalia resembles a bad post-apocalyptic movie and [...]

  • Cape Town Travel Blog

Cape Town Travel Blog: The Rainbow Nation’s Finest City

goKonrad's Cape Town travel blog (South Africa) In between the towering Table Mountain and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean lies a small pocket that has become one of the world’s most naturally beautiful cities. This laid back and multicultural city inspires travelers as they wander around her bustling streets and harbors, follow in Nelson [...]