• Paris Travel Blog

Paris Travel Blog: Living, Eating, & Drinking Well

goKonrad's Paris travel blog What makes Paris special is not the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. It’s the intimate neighborhoods. It’s watching the city stroll by as you sip wine outside a bistro. It’s the cheese you can smell from around the block. It’s the vibrant art scene, from the classics to graffiti. It’s the bakeries, [...]

  • Copenhagen Travel Blog

Copenhagen Travel Blog: A Blend of Luxury, Hipsters, & Anarchists

goKonrad's Copenhagen travel blog This Scandinavian capital is where luxury tastes, hipsters, and counterculture anarchists seamlessly blend together in one of the most creative, happy, and livable cities in the world. This city of bikes is beautiful and sophisticated, yet edgy and alternative. This Copenhagen Travel Blog's Best Things To Do Copenhagen Street Food If you [...]

  • santorini travel blog

Santorini Travel Blog: Seafood & Sunsets

goKonrad's Santorini travel blog (Greece) Santorini may just be the most scenic place I've been to. Explore steep white and blue alleys, take in breathtaking sunsets, and indulge on some of the best seafood and wine in Europe. Here are a couple quick tips you should make sure not to miss: Scenic Hike: Take the cliff-side and [...]

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Athens Travel Blog

goKonrad's Athens travel blog (Greece) At first glance, Athens is a city of contrasts. Edgy street art is displayed alongside ancient ruins. Marble busts and crumbling columns adorn gyro stands and wine bars. Urban grit intertwines with history and culture on every corner. Look closer and you realize it doesn’t contrast at all. Athens isn’t a [...]

Oslo Travel Blog

goKonrad's Oslo travel blog (Norway) Oslo does it all well: stunning natural beauty, friendly and intelligent people, barista world champions, world-class museums, innovative architecture, and a vibrant culinary scene. A cosmopolitan metropolis and a nature trail emanates on nearly every street. I hope you enjoyed my Oslo travel blog album!  For more travel photos, follow me on Instagram or [...]

Cologne Travel Blog

goKonrad's Cologne travel blog (Germany) Cologne is a 2,000-year-old city along the Rhine River that sits as a gothic masterpiece, Germany's cultural hub, and the home to countless beer gardens. I hope you enjoyed my Cologne travel blog album!  For more travel photos, follow me on Instagram or sign up for my free weekly digest about ways to travel the world, [...]

Bucharest Travel Blog

goKonrad's Bucharest travel blog (Romania) Bucharest is a city of contrasts. Young energy, gastropubs, and a modern vibe adorn the imposing Soviet-era architecture, decaying buildings, and grit. A new generation is turning this European gateway to the East into a sophisticated international city. I hope you enjoyed my Bucharest travel blog album!  For more travel photos, follow [...]

Tbilisi Travel Blog: Silk Road Influences of a Medieval Town

goKonrad's Tbilisi travel blog (Georgia) Tblisi sits at the intersection of East and West, and you can feel the old trade route influences throughout this Medieval town. Cobbled streets, centuries old churches and wine cellars, and breathtaking views are found around every corner. With a unique blend of post-Soviet dilapidation and emerging modernization, this is one [...]

Yerevan Travel Blog

goKonrad's Yerevan travel blog I've been fascinated by this Armenia's history and culture for a long time. It's one of the oldest nations in the world, with roots from before 1,000 B.C. It is literally and figuratively the bridge from East to West, and has been since the Silk Road. It's dealt with war, invasion, and occupation [...]