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At first glance, Athens is a city of contrasts. Edgy street art is displayed alongside ancient ruins. Marble busts and crumbling columns adorn gyro stands and wine bars. Urban grit intertwines with history and culture on every corner. Look closer and you realize it doesn’t contrast at all. Athens isn’t a museum. It’s a 3,400 year old city that continues to evolve. It sits at the helm of a country that has suffered and survived, been destroyed and rebuilt, and one that continues to reinvent itself. Today is no exception.

Here are a few of my favorite things to do in Athens that you should make sure to see and do on your trip:

  • Mnisikleous Street: Make sure to have a meal or drink on my favorite street, Mnisikleous Street, in the Plaka neighborhood. It’s a steep alley way that has tons of restaurants and cafes. It’s one of my favorite spots in Athens – the perfect place to sit on the steps, drink some wine, and eat some souvlaki.
  • Plaka: Make sure to spend time wandering around the Plaka neighrbohood.
  • Taverna Saita: In the Plaka, my favorite spot to eat is Taverna Saita. It’s a small, family-owned restaurant in the basement of the building where wine is poured from the barrel.’
  • Brettos: Brettos is a friendly and trendy place in Plaka to try a variety of Greek spirits, wine, or beer (although don’t waste your time with Greek beer). I wouldn’t recommend this as the only bar, but a good place to start.
  • Anafiotika: On the way to the Accropolis, go the route where you go through the Anafiotika neighborhood. It’s a super old and charming neighborhood that makes you feel like you stepped back a couple centuries.
  • Clumsies: If you like cocktails – Clumsies is your best choice. If you like beer – The Underdog is a great choice. Lulu’s is a fun spot to sit outside and sip coffee while you watch the neighborhood go by (also attached a pic). A for Athens is a bar with amazing views. There are great food options everywhere, so it’s hard to go wrong.
  • Historic Sites: Of course visit the Acropolis. But besides that and the many obvious historic sights that you can’t help but wander into around town – I really liked the National Library of Greece (you can easily walk in if you have your passport). It is right next to the Academy of Athens which is also beautiful from the outside. Temple of Hephaestus is one of my favorite ruins as well.
Also, if you are heading to some Greek islands, make sure to check out my Santorini travel blog.

I hope you enjoyed my Athens travel blog album! 

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Athens travel blog (Greece)