Brunei Travel Blog: Strict, Rich, and Boring… but incredibly friendly!

goKonrad's Brunei travel blog Brunei is perhaps the only country in the world that has Sharia Law and extreme restrictions on free speech, yet also offers coed yoga in the park. This rich, tiny country is objectively a pretty boring place for travelers. However, it's beautiful, the food is diverse and delicious, and the people [...]

Saigon Travel Blog

goKonrad's Saigon travel blog (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) Saigon was not happy about its transition to communism after the Vietnam War, and it certainly took several steps back from its original glory as the "Pearl of the East," but the city seems to be quickly making up for lost time. A real spirit of progress [...]

Hanoi Travel Blog

goKonrad's Hanoi travel blog (Vietnam) Hanoi overloads the senses with its constant symphony of sounds, sights, and smells. As you wander the capital city’s streets, you’ll hear motorbike engines and horns, slurped noodles, and the roar of conversations. You will smell fresh basil being chopped, pho ingredients simmering in broth, and street kitchens grilling bun cha. [...]

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The Maldives Travel Blog: The Perfect Sand, Water, & Diving

The Maldives travel blog The Maldives is a chain of nearly 1,200 picture perfect small islands and arguably the most beautiful place in the world. Each island consists of white powder sand beaches, turquoise water, palm trees, and easy access to great diving. A over-water bungalow in the Maldives is arguably the most relaxing, romantic, and luxurious places to [...]

  • Hong Kong Travel Blog

Hong Kong Travel Blog: A Modern City with Traditional Roots

goKonrad's Hong Kong travel blog Hong Kong is a modern city with traditional roots. This fascinating colonial city blends British influence, Chinese heritage, and its own unique cosmopolitan culture. The city is decorated with steel, glass, and bright lights, but you do not have to look far to find an alley with an authentic old world [...]

Singapore Travel Blog

goKonrad's Singapore travel blog This tiny city-state packs more international culture, flavor, and language than you can imagine. From world-renowned food stalls to contemporary international art, the Lion City is a small urban center in Southeast Asia that rivals the largest cities around the world. Rich in history, Singapore’s Asian roots, British colonization, and current independence [...]

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Ubud Travel Blog (Bali, Indonesia)

goKonrad's Ubud travel blog (Bali, Indonesia) Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. It is a laid back, spiritual, and artistic city that inspires travelers to stick around for a while. Nearly every corner offers organic food and fresh juice, high quality and cheap Balinese massages, and yoga classes with a lush nature backdrop. Ubud has remained [...]

Taiepei Travel Blog

goKonrad's Taipei travel blog (Taiwan) I hope you enjoyed my Taipei travel blog album!  For more travel photos, follow me on Instagram or sign up for my free weekly digest about ways to travel the world, build a successful business or career, and make a difference at the same time: Taipei travel blog (Taiwan)

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Kuala Lumpur Travel Blog: When You Blend 3 Great Cuisines & Cultures

goKonrad's Kuala Lumpur travel blog (Malaysia) Malays, Chinese, and Indians blended together to create one of Southeast Asia’s most enticing cuisines and cities in Kuala Lumpur. Not only does the combination of those three cuisines make one uniquely delicious dish, it also creates a friendly, modern, and multicultural metropolis where both mosques and temples adorn its [...]

Manila Travel Blog

goKonrad's Manila travel blog (Philippines) Like most developing-world mega-cities, Manila suffers from overcrowding, unsettling poverty, and gridlock traffic. But don’t let that deter you, this former Spanish colony and mega-city has soul, diverse street food, and a booming nightlife. Spend a day here and you will realize that the welcoming and entertaining Filipino people are the [...]