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TripScout’s 0 to 1M Users Update: October 2017

0 to 1M Update: October 2017 October 2017 Reflections As we settled from a booming summer and September, we went heads down in October to focus on product. We took everything we learned about how users interacted with our tech and content this summer. After hours of debate, we put on our “don’t bother me” [...]

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The Simultaneous Rise of Last-Minute Travel Planners & Super-Planners

The Simultaneous Rise of Last-Minute Travel Planners & Super-Planners We’ve noticed an interesting trend in our data. Our guides tend to be purchased at the beginning of a trip or several months in advance. There are not many purchases in between those two extremes. We interviewed our users, researched seemingly conflicting industry trends, and realized [...]

  • travel startup September 2017

TripScout’s 0 to 1M Users Update: September 2017

0 to 1M Update: September 2017 September 2017 Reflections I expected September growth to decline slightly from August as the summer travel season slowed down, but some new growth channels and a continued feature by Apple helped us increase our total user base by 64% from the prior month. In case you missed why I'm sharing [...]

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Travel Reviews Are Dead – And Here’s What To Do About It

Travel Reviews Are Dead – And Here’s What To Do About It Travel reviews may drag on for a while – but they are quickly dying and their utility has long diminished. Reviews served their purpose. In a world with no information, they allowed us to get a small glimpse into someone else’s experience. But [...]

  • The Millennial Traveler

What the Travel Industry Needs to Know About the Millennial Traveler

What the travel industry needs to know about the Millennial Traveler The travel industry is scrambling to adapt to the Millennial Traveler. Most initiatives involve weak attempts at low-hanging fruits, like “let’s build a mobile optimized website” and “let’s do more with social media.” These no-brainer initiatives are table stakes to compete today, not ways [...]

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TripScout’s 0 to 1M Users Update: August 2017

0 to 1M Update: August 2017 My team and I are working hard to build the best tool for travelers. As frequent travelers, we’re building the app we wished existed. We’re building it for us. And as a result, for (hopefully) all of you. We made a lot of progress, but still have a long [...]

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Travel Startup Learnings: Food Tourism (and the mistake we made)

Travel Startup Learnings: Food Tourism I made an obvious mistake when launching TripScout. I underestimated the importance of food tourism in our app. Food isn’t just an important part of travel – it’s arguably the most important. I knew showing travelers a good meal and teaching them the history and culture of a place through [...]

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The Best Travel Apps You Should Have Before Your Next Trip

There are hundreds of travel apps out there and it can be overwhelming for travelers to know which ones they should actually use. My obsession with both travel and tech leads me to try everything that comes to the market. After trying them all, here is my shortlist of best travel apps you actually need before [...]

  • Startups in emerging markets

7 Tips For Startups In Emerging Markets (written for Entrepreneur Magazine)

As the founder of TripScout, and as someone who has traveled to over 75 countries, I spend a lot of time with startups, investors, and incubators in emerging markets. The resourcefulness, drive, and vision I see in these markets continues to inspire, and convince me that the “next big thing” is increasingly likely to come [...]

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A Comprehensive Travel Checklist for Any New Traveler

This travel checklist is designed for new travelers going on a trip, studying abroad, or moving overseas.   My sister-in-law decided to study abroad in Barcelona and it was her first time traveling overseas. After all the fun chats my wife and I had with her about why she should do it and where she should [...]