How to become a digital nomad

We published a book! The digital nomad lifestyle and remote work culture is built into the DNA of TripScout. Our team members live across the globe — from Washington, DC and New York City to Cairo, Sydney, and Saigon — and while everyone’s situation is different, we make our situation work. Together as a team, we collaborated on a book to show you everything you need to know to make the digital nomad lifestyle work for you.

How to Become a Digital Nomad is a practical, step-by-step guide to living a location independent, digital nomad lifestyle – regardless of your career – while making money and doing the work you love.

This book is not written in the hypothetical. It is not motivational and philosophical fluff. It is not for backpackers who simply want to teach English. It is not for the independently wealthy travelers or Instagram stars. It is written by real digital nomads who have made a life and career doing what they love – where they love doing it.

For those who like their job, we provide an actionable guide to help you convince your employer and transition your work to be remote.

For those who don’t like their job, we will teach you how to find location independent jobs, start a business, earn money as a freelancer or consultant, and sell your digital nomad lifestyle as a perk to potential clients, customers, or employers.

We dive in deep on the following topics on how to become a digital nomad:

  • Turn any skill into a location independent career
  • Find a remote job or consulting/freelance clients
  • Start and run a business abroad
  • Best places to travel and work as a digital nomad
  • Co-working spaces and digital nomad hubs communities around the world
  • Organized digital nomad programs like Remote Year
  • Visa requirements for digital nomads
  • Packing and preparing to become a digital nomad
  • Important resources for digital nomads
  • Required technology hardware and software
  • Staying productive while traveling
  • Overcoming the inevitable psychological impacts
  • Common barriers (e.g., kids, pets, debt, and medical concerns)
  • Manage and collaborate with distributed teams effectively
  • Legal, tax, and financial implications of the digital nomad lifestyle
  • How to sell your digital nomad experience to potential employers or customers
  • Insights from some of the world’s most successful digital nomads 

The relationship between the work we do and where we do it has changed. With productivity moving to the cloud for nearly every industry, the days where work is a place are over. We believe that what you do no longer depends on where you do it, so you should do it wherever you are most productive, creative, and happy.

With How to Become a Digital Nomad, we will help you create a life that you don’t need a vacation from.

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I hope you enjoy our How to Become a Digital Nomad book!

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How to become a digital nomad