How To Make A Difference: Gender Equality

Regardless of your politics, Hillary Clinton’s nomination was a major milestone in the United States. It was the first time a woman was nominated as the presidential candidate of a major party in the U.S. However, don’t start celebrating gender equality yet – it is still atrocious. The female-to-male earnings ratio is 0.82 in the United States. Around the world, more women and girls are killed every decade because of their gender (sexual violence, honor killings, healthcare bias towards, etc.) than people were killed in all the genocides of the twentieth century. 10 times as many women are sex trafficked each year than in the peak of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. 1 out of 5 adult women can’t read due to unequal opportunities for education. I recently re-read Half the Sky, which sheds light on the gender crisis around the world, and A Path Appears, which shows many ways to get involved with this important issue. I highly recommend both books.

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