Project Update: This campaign was a success! The laptops are being used now. Thanks for everyone who participated! See recent pictures below.

It’s hard to imagine how we’d be able to work, study, or live life without access to the internet and computers. Not only is the internet an essential daily resource for us, it’s the best promoter of ideas, human rights, and entrepreneurship. We often take this for granted, forgetting that two-thirds of the world does not currently have access to the internet. While we can’t connect billions of people overnight, together, we can help make a difference – one village at a time.

While on a trip through Central America for TripScout (my travel startup), I spent the weekend with Living Water for Roatan in La Colonia, Honduras. Their work deeply impacted me. By providing clean water, education, and many other initiatives, this organization is transforming the lives of everyone in the community (more on their inspiring story below).

Please join me in supporting their selfless efforts on the ground by building a computer lab for their community. Together, we’ll connect these kids to the world and all its information. They’ll use these computers to learn, do homework, take Kahn Academy courses, and of course, be kids and play games in a positive environment. They’ll have the tools to learn anything they want and have a platform to dream bigger.

We need to raise $5,200 to achieve this goal. Your donation is tax deductible (details below), and even a small donation will go a long way, so let’s help these kids together! I’ve seen the transformative power of technology in the developing world throughout my travels and I know how impactful our help will be for this community. I hope you’ll be a part of this story and I promise to update you with pictures and stories of your impact.

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Living Water 4 Roatan

Background on the Charity

  • A little over 10 years ago, Henry and Frances visited La Colonia, a village of approximately 6,000 people. There was no source of clean water. People were walking miles to get water, and then were getting sick from it. Kids were dying of diarrhea and infections from drinking the dirty water. Henry and Frances thought that maybe they could do something to help. They took a leap of faith: sold their house, quit their jobs (even though they were only a few years from retirement), and moved to Honduras. Fueled by the desire to do more, they built 3 wells and spent the next few years connecting PVC pipes until every house in the village had access to clean, running water. Enrique, an intelligent and passionate local, who can relate to the struggle of the local children and has a real heart for his community, quickly felt called to join the mission full-time.
  • After solving the urgent water and health crisis, Henry, Francis, and Enrique turned towards the community’s future: the children. The majority of kids were not in school, many got pregnant as young teenagers, and there were very few educational or economic opportunities. They’ve since created after-school programs, built a church, provided mentorship for the children, and so much more.
  • LW4R has been in La Colonia for over 10 years now and they don’t currently have any plans to move to more cities. They simply want to “capture a generation” of kids in La Colonia and transform the community – who could not be happier about their involvement.
  • Things are looking great, but there’s still a major problem: they don’t have the resources to buy books, computers, or other essential educational tools – which is where we come in by building a computer lab!



  • Laptops: We’ve partnered with Good360, a nonprofit, to procure high quality Dell laptops, with the full Windows and Office suite, for $260 each.
  • Goal: $5,200 will allow us to buy 20 laptops. If we raise more, we’ll purchase up to 25 computers and donate the rest to the organization. We’re raising all the money  via my Crowdrise page.
  • Shipping: There’s a mission trip traveling to Honduras in February that will carry all the laptops for us, in order to save money on shipping and avoid any potential shipping/customs “issues” caused by local officials or postal workers.
  • Connectivity: Because the organization believes so strongly in the internet’s ability to transform lives, they’ve already installed WiFi throughout their facility.
  • Location: The computer lab will be located in their secure, multi-purpose facility room.
  • Tax Deduction: LW4R is a 501c3 organization in the United States. Once the campaign is completed and I purchase the computers, LW4R will provide you with a tax-deductible receipt (just please make sure to provide your name and email instead of donating anonymously).

Living Water 4 Roatan Kids

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Thanks for your support and generosity!

Konrad Waliszewski

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Konrad and Enrique in La Colonia


Campaign Update

See the computer lab in action!

Honduras classroom Computer Lab Honduras

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