Meet TripScout, The Travel App That Modern Travelers Love

Do you love to travel, but hate being a tourist? This travel app will help you explore the city like a local insider.

The TripScout travel app is one of the fastest growing new apps among modern travelers. It taps into everything urban explorers are looking for these days. It guides you to coolest off-the-beaten path neighborhood spots to explore. It makes sure you bite and sip the city’s best food, cocktails, and coffee. It teaches you about all the “must-see” attractions with entertaining podcast-style audio guides from local experts. It allows you to independently travel on your terms while always being in the know.

The app is available for iPhone and Android — and here’s how this app can enhance your travel experience.

“Help travelers explore the local side of the city”

“Basically the best thing ever for tourists”

“Finally, a travel app that’s purposefully, blissfully simple”

“Makes travel easier but just as exciting”

1. Experience the local side of a city

Stop listening to the mass online reviews from bus tour travelers. TripScout partners with local experts in each niche to curate the best places to explore. Where do local bartenders go for a drink after their shift? Where do local baristas meet people for coffee? Which neighborhoods do locals go to when they hang out with friends? The TripScout travel app makes sure you find the spots that make each city uniquely special.

2. Discover a city’s best food, drinks, and coffee

Food isn’t just an important part of travel – it’s arguably the most important. The right meal can teach you more about a country’s history and culture than the best museum. It’s a major part of why we all love to travel. TripScout addresses this need by placing an obsessive emphasis on highly curating the culinary experiences from local experts: chefs, bartenders, local bloggers, and the foodies in their community. The TripScout  travel app figures out where they eat and what they recommend to their friends – and then, narrows it down to avoid the overwhelming paradox of choice or offer the same things you can find anywhere else.

3. Explore the city with podcast-style audio guides

Approximately half of TripScout’s guides include engaging podcast-style audio guides. You don’t need to join a scheduled tour or walk around not knowing much about where you are. With TripScout, you can listen to stories from knowledgeable locals about history, culture, and food while you wander around at your own schedule and pace.

4. Go offline to avoid data roaming

Data roaming charges can ruin a trip and it doesn’t always make sense to get a local SIM card. This isn’t a problem with TripScout. This travel app works completely offline. Once you download a guide for offline use, you will have full access to the map with GPS and its content without using any of your data.

5. Made for travelers, by travelers

TripScout was developed with people like you in mind: adventurous, curious, modern-day urban explorers. The CEO, Konrad Waliszewski, has been to approximately 100 countries and grew frustrated with how time-consuming and opaque the process was to find the actual best things to do in a city. TripAdvisor is the biggest tourist trap on the internet, printed guidebooks are out of date, and who has time to read through hundreds of travel blogs? Konrad also documents his travels and the TripScout journey on his travel blog (Go Konrad) and Instagram (@gokonrad).

Download the TripScout travel app and say goodbye to hours of internet research, boring tours, and outdated guide books

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