Weekly Digest: October 7, 2016

Konnichiwa (hello in Japanese, pronounced kon-ee-chee-wa)! Here is your weekly dose of my best tips for how to travel the world while you grow your career and make a difference.

Travel the world

Adventure often comes across as esoteric – correlated with exotic destinations and therefore inaccessible for those without the right amount of time, money, or fitness. While traveling to Mother Nature’s finest certainly forces you into adventure, it is not a pre-requisite. That is why I love the concept behind Microadventures by Alistair Humphreys. His book is filled with ideas for short, local, and cheap adventures. Adventure is about having a curious and enthusiastic mindset that makes a habit of pushing the edge of your comfort zone. Instead of waiting for your next vacation, unpack your traveler’s mindset and make this weekend an adventure. You could create a photo essay of a nearby town or neighborhood, go hiking and find somewhere to camp for the night, geocache with friends, or compete with a date to see who can impact a stranger’s life the most while spending less than $5.

Grow your career

“What would have happened if you and your organization, instead of working on today’s crisis, built something worthwhile for tomorrow? What would have been discussed instead? What would have been designed instead? The urgency of the day feels like an appropriate reason to step away from the important thing we might have been doing instead. Weeks or months later, we don’t even remember what that urgent thing was. All we have to show for it is the thing we didn’t build.” – Seth Godin

Make a difference

I recommend downloading and reading UNICEF’s The State of the World’s Children 2016 free report. Throughout the world, “millions of children are denied their rights and deprived of what they need to grow up healthy and strong – because of their place of birth; because of their race, ethnicity or gender; or because they have a disability or live in poverty.” If the world does not do something to help today, by 2030, 167 million children will live in extreme poverty, 69 million children under age 5 will die, and 60 million children of primary school age will not be in school. “The lives and futures of millions of children are in jeopardy. We have a choice: Invest in the most excluded children now or risk a more divided and unfair world.”

Fun updates:

Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend!


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