Weekly Digest: March 3, 2017

Weekly Digest

Hello friends and sorry for the few weeks of silence! I broke the weekly routine due to a series of off the grid locations. Over the past couple months, I was in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Brunei, and Italy. Now I’m back with your weekly dose of my best tips for how to travel the world while you grow your career and make a difference.

Travel the world

If you want to live overseas on a budget, here are 9 incredible countries where you can live well for under $1,000/mo. The list includes Armenia, Bolivia, Fiji, Grenada, Laos, Montenegro, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Zimbabwe. These are also great places if you simply want to take a few months of focus to start a business, write a book, or relax without breaking the bank.

Grow your career

Business Insider recently released a free 30 Big Tech Predictions for 2017 report. These impact nearly every industry and life, so the relatively short PDF is a worthwhile read. Some of the primary topics include:

  • Autonomous car road tests
  • Snapchat and Amazon rattling the digital ad space
  • VR hardware competing with popular gaming consoles
  • The grocery industry making the move online
  • Mobile wallets adding value to users
  • Insurtech ascending with investments from legacy players and tech giants
  • Social video taking 2017 by storm

Make a difference

There is a lot of negativity in the news. Much of it is important and needs our attention, but it also gives us a skewed perspective. Do not put your head in the sand, but try to read and share some positivity as a counterbalance. For every horrible event that grabs our attention, there is also a story of love and beauty that gets ignored. Here are two good news sources that will help inspire you with the creativity and compassion of others: Postive.news and DailyGood

Fun updates:

Thanks for your attention and have an awesome weekend!


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