A travel blog for those who want to to travel the world while you grow your career and make a difference.

Travel and advancing your career should not be an either/or decision.

By 30 years old, I had a job in investment banking, generated 7 figures in consulting revenue, and had a venture-backed startup acquired – all while traveling to nearly 100 countries.

I want to share what I’m learning on my journey to combine travel, work, and impact with you.

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Where I’ve Been

Where I
Where I've Been

Philosophy of this Travel Blog

Hi, I’m Konrad, entrepreneur and frequent world traveler. I travel to 10-20 countries per year and have done so while advancing a variety of careers from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. I believe that traveling and building a growth business or advancing your career should not be an either/or proposition and that anyone can design a happier and more meaningful life by integrating travel, work, and impact. It takes intentional design and I want to help you on that journey.

Travel connects us to people and cultures, teaches us about the world, and is a lot of fun. I’ve made travel a core part of my life Instead of limiting travel to gap years, retirement, and rushed vacations. I will help you travel and experience more.

Big goals and progress engage and inspires us. I never aspired for a lifestyle that sought to reduce or eliminate work, but one where I worked hard for something aligned with my passion and mission. I will help you scale your business or advance your career.

All the travel fun and career success will feel meaningless if it is completely self-focused. For true fulfillment, we must serve others and strive to make a difference in the world. I will share important causes and show ways to get involved.

I only write about things I know well from experience. For context, read about my background here: About Konrad.