• how to get your boss to let you work remotely

How To Convince Your Boss To Let You Work Remotely

How to convince your boss to let you work remotely, written in collaboration with @annieergo There was a time when full-time employment was synonymous with commutes, cubicles, and industrial coffee [...]

  • Addis Ababa Travel Blog

Addis Ababa Travel Blog: Gateway to a Mythical & Ancient World

goKonrad's Addis Ababa travel blog (Ethiopia) Sitting at the helm of one of the world's fastest growing economies, Africa's diplomatic capital and fourth largest city will confound all expectations. This urban [...]

  • productive

7 Productive Routines for Unpredictable Environments

As a digital nomad, my schedule and environment are usually unpredictable. My office is regularly a new co-working space or coffee shop around the world. I therefore need to focus [...]

  • Digital Nomad

The Day I Became A Digital Nomad

The day I became a digital nomad It started as a typical workday - my phone was ringing off the hook and my inbox was piling up as I juggled [...]

  • best gifts for travelers

The 17 Best Gifts for Travelers as Determined by Travelers

Finding the right gifts for travelers in your life can be challenging. Vagabonds tend to be a minimalist bunch that prefer to spend their money on flights and good food - not stuff. [...]

  • Paris Travel Blog

Paris Travel Blog: Living, Eating, & Drinking Well

goKonrad's Paris travel blog What makes Paris special is not the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. It’s the intimate neighborhoods. It’s watching the city stroll by as you sip wine outside [...]

  • make money on Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram

People are shocked to hear how teenagers are making thousands of dollars for one post on Instagram. If you ever wondered how to make money on Instagram, but thought becoming [...]

  • How to become a digital nomad

Book launch! How to Become a Digital Nomad

How to become a digital nomad We published a book! The digital nomad lifestyle and remote work culture is built into the DNA of TripScout. Our team members live across [...]

  • Copenhagen Travel Blog

Copenhagen Travel Blog: A Blend of Luxury, Hipsters, & Anarchists

goKonrad's Copenhagen travel blog This Scandinavian capital is where luxury tastes, hipsters, and counterculture anarchists seamlessly blend together in one of the most creative, happy, and livable cities in the world. [...]

  • travel show

YouTube: Ask Konrad Anything Travel Show #AKA

Ask Konrad Anything #AKA The "Ask Konrad Anything" Travel Show #AKA is here to answer all your travel questions. Get your travel question answered by leaving sending a message on [...]