• Art History

A Quick Guide to Understanding Art History & Why It Matters

Have you ever visited an art museum during your travels and been a little confused? What does it all mean? How are some pieces considered art? Why are some pieces [...]

  • maldives travel blog

The Maldives Travel Blog: The Perfect Sand, Water, & Diving

The Maldives travel blog The Maldives is a chain of nearly 1,200 picture perfect small islands and arguably the most beautiful place in the world. Each island consists of white powder [...]

  • Hong Kong Travel Blog

Hong Kong Travel Blog: A Modern City with Traditional Roots

goKonrad's Hong Kong travel blog Hong Kong is a modern city with traditional roots. This fascinating colonial city blends British influence, Chinese heritage, and its own unique cosmopolitan culture. The city [...]

  • ubud travel blog - bali

Ubud Travel Blog (Bali, Indonesia)

goKonrad's Ubud travel blog (Bali, Indonesia) Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. It is a laid back, spiritual, and artistic city that inspires travelers to stick around for a while. Nearly [...]

  • tokyo travel blog

Tokyo Travel Blog

goKonrad's Tokyo travel blog (Japan) Tokyo may just be an impossible city to describe. The fascinating, yet confusing, city is minimalist and extravagant, futuristic and ancient, artisan and flashy, and on [...]

  • Luang Prabang Travel Blog

Luang Prabang Travel Blog: Markets, Monks, & Motorbikes

goKonrad's Luang Prabang travel blog Luang Prabang is a special place. It is as untouched as a place can be these days. Along the infamous Mekong River, scenes of fisherman in [...]

  • Trip Planning

Trip Planning Tips from a Travel Founder and Digital Nomad

As the Chief Explorer of TripScout, I travel to three countries per month to find the best local spots and hidden gems: from controversial street art to charming neighborhoods, from [...]

  • how to not get sick when you travel

My Secrets for How to NOT Get Sick When You Travel

Getting sick sucks, especially when traveling. Sometimes, it’s inevitable. However, I picked up a few tricks over the years for how to not get sick when you travel. I have [...]

  • Life Lessons from Travel

The Non-Cliche Life Lessons I Learned from Travel

goKonrad's life lessons from travel. Travel changed me. No surprise there, it changes most people. But after nearly 100 countries, 1 million miles, and several years of my life abroad, how has it [...]

  • Beijing Travel Blog

Beijing Travel Blog

goKonrad's Beijing travel blog For a major international city, Beijing remains refreshingly authentic, unique, and friendly. The food is as delicious as it is diverse. The city is brilliantly complex and [...]