• Maputo Travel Blog

Maputo Travel Blog: The Center of One of Africa’s last frontiers

goKonrad's Maputo travel blog (Mozambique) Mozambique is one of Africa’s last frontiers. While it can be difficult and time consuming to make your way up the 1,500 miles of coastline, it [...]

  • Somaliland Travel Blog

Somaliland Travel Blog: Journeys of Independence in Somalia

goKonrad's Somaliland travel blog (Somalia) Welcome to Somaliland, the self-proclaimed independent, yet internationally unrecognized region of Somalia. To the outside world, the region is considered part of the non-functioning state most [...]

  • Mexico City Travel Blog

Mexico City Travel Blog: Markets, Tacos, & Lucha Libre

goKonrad's Mexico City travel blog. Mexico City is one of the most underappreciated and misunderstood cities in the world. It often gets a bad rep due to the all-too-common instinct to [...]

  • travel hacking

Travel Hacking: How a 10 Minute Travel Hack Can Get You $250

How to use alternative route travel hacking to save money and see more cities. Alternative route travel hacking is the easiest and most reliable – yet rarely used – travel hack [...]

  • travel in developing countries

4 Surprising Benefits of Travel in Developing Countries

Why you should prioritize travel in developing countries. Extreme poverty. Disease. Corruption. Crime. Civil War. These are just a few of the things people often associate with “the developing world”, which [...]

  • travel blog - why travel

Why Travel? A chat with the world’s top travel blogs

What the world's top travel blogs told me about why they travel. You’ve read about how you can travel more, better, and cheaper on all the top travel blogs. But before you explore how to [...]

  • Dubai Travel Blog

Dubai Travel Blog: A City of Extravagance at Scale

goKonrad's Dubai travel blog Dubai redefines the traditional concept of a desert oasis. Surrounded solely by desert, it’s a rich and futuristic playground that provides the biggest and most extravagant, well, [...]

  • Philadelphia Travel Blog

Philadelphia Travel Blog: Food, Murals, & Grit

goKonrad's Philadelphia travel blog You have to appreciate Philadelphia and the notorious Philly attitude. It’s like the city takes their motto, the “city of brotherly love,” very literally – but not [...]

  • language learning

Language Learning Strategy to Learn Any Language in 3 Months

The Language Learning Strategy to be Fluent in 3 Months. I recently hosted a digital fireside chat with foreign language learning expert, Benny Lewis (aka "The Irish Polyglot"), to discuss his [...]

  • trip planning

5 Small Trip Planning Steps to Improve Your Travel Experience

Prioritize your trip planning to focus on a more meaningful travel experience. Most trip planning consists of spending too much time on itinerary and logistics, yet not enough time preparing for how to make their [...]