• Antigua Guatemala Travel Blog

Antigua Guatemala Travel Blog: Adventures in an Ancient City

goKonrad's Antigua Guatemala travel blog Time seems to have stood still for Antigua, Guatemala. Founded by the Spanish and well-preserved, the entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Exploring this historical [...]

  • seed funding

How to Raise Seed Funding

How to quickly and efficiently raise seed funding for your startup. At my last company, Speek (acquired by Jive), we raised $1.2 million in seed funding and eventually raised $6 million over three [...]

  • Travel Style

What Everyone Needs to Know About Their Travel Style

Determine and stay true to your own travel style. There’s no right way to travel. It should be a personal experience based on how you specifically are entertained, educated, and [...]

  • work and travel

How Anyone Can Combine Work and Travel

Why work and travel doesn't have to be an either/or proposition. Do you aspire to have the freedom to travel and see the world, but don’t want to – or can’t – [...]

  • Student Travel

Thinking of grad school? Consider ‘student travel’ instead

Student Travel: the benefits of being a student of the world, instead of a university. I recently saw an ad with this headline: “How Do You Gain an Edge in the [...]

  • Cape Town Travel Blog

Cape Town Travel Blog: The Rainbow Nation’s Finest City

goKonrad's Cape Town travel blog (South Africa) In between the towering Table Mountain and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean lies a small pocket that has become one of the [...]

  • Distributed Teams

How to Manage Distributed Teams Effectively

Distributed teams are great, but they do take a little more effort to manage effectively. I am a big advocate for distributed teams. There are many benefits, such as productivity, happiness, flexibility, and cost [...]

  • Rolling Forecast

Rolling Forecast: What it is, Why you need it, How to do it

What is a Rolling Forecast, why you need it, and how to do it What is a Rolling Forecast? Traditional corporate finance just isn’t equipped to handle a fast-paced, interconnected [...]

Buenos Aires Travel Blog: Steak, Malbec, & Tango

goKonrad's Buenos Aires travel blog Few cities stir up the imagination like the exciting capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. It’s the cultural capital of Latin America and is often referred to [...]

The New Travel App that the Modern Traveler Loves

Meet TripScout, The Travel App That Modern Travelers Love Do you love to travel, but hate being a tourist? This travel app will help you explore the city like [...]